Hey everyone A poem for the best harmonic duo I have ever seen anywhere. I first saw them at the Danny Kyle Open Stage as part of Celtic Connections in 2009 There name is Robyn And Amie and the poem is entitled Spellbound which is exactly how they had their audiences every time they played. I do hope they are still playing they have far too much talent not to share it with music lovers everywhere. It may have taken four years to complete this poem but it had to be done for a duo who will always have a place in my heart. I hope you enjoy the read.


Haunting harmonies
fill the air
as stars shine on stage

On a cold crisp January evening
I am told seeing is believing
I believe what I see

More importantly I believe what I hear
my ears are those of music lover I am discovering real talent
being what they were born to be
the voice of a new Scotland

As their voices blend in to one
they sing in unison
winning the hearts of the audience
by leaving them

@Gayle Smith 2013

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