Shopping Shettleston Sister Time & Seeds

Hey everyone. To say that Saturday was one of my busiest days in a very long time would I think be the understatement to end them of all.

The first stop of the day was supposed to be Shettleston Writers. I say supposed to be because due to roadworks I stayed on the bus longer than planned. Getting off, not on Shettleston Road but the Parkhead Forge.

As I looked at my watch I realised I was over an hour early for the group, time for a quick dash round to the shops to see if there were any bargains to be had. First stop was River Island where the summer collection caught my eye with some really smart skirts in a range of gorgeous colours.

Tempted by the call of summer I decided to try on one of these seasonal stunners & believe me I was stunned at what I saw. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the skirt but it showed up my flaws. Well for a start my bum looked far too big when I saw it in the changing room mirror & It came just a wee bit above what I call the decency line for a woman of my age. I mean it would look fantastic on a girl of 15 but not so hot on a woman who could almost reverse those numbers.

Disappointed but not defeated I walked in to Dorothy Perkins. This is a shop where the staff know me so well I’m even on there Christmas card list. On this occasion I was assisted by the ever wonderful Claire. When I informed her I was looking for a size 14 skirt she said she wasn’t sure if there was any I’d like in stock at the moment. However on closer inspection she found one for me to try it was black with gold buttons & the length was just above the knee. It screamed sophistication & when I left the changing room it also screamed buy me. Well it was the first time in two years I had managed to fit in to a size 14. I think you could say that things are looking up.

You know its funny when I’m shopping I lose all track of time, & from originally being far too early for the writers I was now running late. Now I know some of you may be surprised by this but I don’t think they’ll be many.

Far later I boarded the first bus for Tollcross when I disembarked & walked the short distance to Shettleston Library. Just I was approaching the park I bumped in to Derek who I thought may be going to the group but he said he was going for a walk in the park we chatted for a couple of minutes, before the pied piper of Tollcross went on his merry way & I finally made it to the group half an hour later than I should have done.

Me being me I immediately told Gemma I had been delayed to an emergency call. Well I don’t care what people think shopping is an emergency & that is the end of the matter. This is especially true when you have an important event to attend & need to something to wear.

The writing as always was of a high standard & though I was initially concerned when May Day was set as theme, I needn’t have worried. Not only did I manage to write a poem to theme I actually managed three on various May Day memories all of which were read at the group & all of which Gemma seemed to enjoy. Saying she did not necessarily see herself as a nationalist as such, Gemma says she thought she could she could a genuine sense of culture & identity in my poetry.

After we had read our work on the set theme, Gemma being the industrious wee soul that she is set us to work on the theme of my favourite place. This was not an easy ask though I did manage to get something started on what was a very interesting challenge.
As the group finished we made our way into town & Linda & I enjoyed some sister time. Though not sisters in the biological sense, is in every way other way part of my chosen family & like the big sister I never had but should have. Last month Linda treated me to a meal so this time it was my turn to return the favour. However before we could head for Pizza Hut I decided to make an emergency stop at superdrug to buy tights. Yes I know, not the most glamorous task I’ll ever undertake, but as every woman knows they an essential & necessary part of all our wardrobes. I looked at the range on offer & eventually settled for that basic choice that we all make at sometimes in our lives a multi-pack of 3 pairs of black. This represents good value at only £ 5.50 well I think it does anyway. Just before I headed for the counter, I asked Linda if I should buy a pair of fishnets, she gave that look only big sisters can give & I was left in no doubt that the look meant no. She then told me she had never liked them & as i know big sisters can be bossy. I think that may be one purchase I’ll have to save for another day.

Eventually we got to Pizza Hut & got tucked in to a gorgeous Meat Feast pizza. My choice, & if I say so myself a wise one. Well it always was my favourite. Linda’s input into the decision making process was twofold. One was to abandon our usual choice of soft drinks in favour of O2J. Some people just like to go posh. This is a fruit drink which has two different flavours. Linda went for Orange & Passion Fruit & I decided to try the taste of Apple & Mango. This was a good decision, however I’m not so sure about her choice to have garlic bread as the starter. Well what if I had decided to go clubbing later on in the evening & maybe met my prince charming? One smell of my breath & my dreams of romantic desires would surely have been dead in the water.

As we chatted about friends & family I told her I had a choice to make about where to go next. The choice was between Saturday night at the movies with the Provan SNP or a spoken word night with Seeds of Thought. After much soul searching I decided to go to seeds, well as I said to Linda could you imagine me shutting up for two hours? Her smile told me the answer, which was all I needed to know.

As I arrived at the CCA It was good to see friends I hadn’t seen for too long& I was welcomed back to the fold by Tawona & Tarneem & others such as Dave Findlay & Ashby McGowan. It felt great to be back & when I was asked I wanted to perform I needed no second invitation. When I finally did take the stage I performed three poems & they were very well received. I was complimented on both the range & quality of my set.

It was a brilliant night & at the end of it I knew my decision to choose seeds over the film night had been the right choice & so ended a busy but enjoyable day. It was the kind of day which makes you happy life has so much to offer,& happy to take every day as it comes complete with whatever challenges, choices, & rewards it will bring.

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X

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