Self Service Cafe

Hey everyone A new poem concerning some of the changes to the benefits system. Now I am not saying that the system didn’t need some changes but I think that many have been ill considered with no thought given to the potential consequences and how they impact on the most vulnerable members of society. The fact that these changes are taking place at a time of recession when there have no counter measure taken to tax the wealthy bankers or millionaires shows that Britain is not only broken it is broken beyond repair. Roll On Thursday 18th September 2014 when we take our country back. I have given the poem the title Self Service Cafe I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Self Service Cafe

The Tories are coming
so form a queue
do as your told
for the red white and blue
they’ll arrive for those rejects
society’s labelled
as vulnerable poor
ill or disabled

your perceived as a waste
of resources and time
they are coming for you
at the end of the line
need they believe
must be seen as a crime
and now they are going to party
like its 1799

they’ve turned all the clocks back
over 200 years
like vultures believe me they will
feed on your fears
hopes and dreams
are reserved for the rich
now you’ll find out
life is really a bitch

So now as we watch
society sinking
I think i smell coffee
so vile its that its stinking
we’ve been served up a starter
of piss and pork pies
and it comes at a cost
from the palace of lies

The next stop’s the workhouse
and as for your children
they’ll be working in sweatshops
in poverty Britain
maybe in call centres
maybe in shops
like a hamster on wheels
they’ll be too scared to stop

you’ll be slaves to your bills
which you know must be paid
Tomorrow’s a dream
that’s a long way away
if you think this is cruel
I assure you my friend
these people just see you
as a means to an end

In this self service cafe
they are serving themselves
with a much greater share
of the income and wealth
than the ordinary voter
who is struggling to pay
for the basic essentials
they need for each day

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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