Secret Girl

Hey everyone. A poem on how I survived the challenge of settling in to secondary school and why a girls best friends are other girls, I’ve called secret girl I hope you enjoy the read.

Secret Girl

Starting secondary school
was a challenging time for me
I had just turned 13
with a head full of dreams
and conflicting emotions
trying to fit in
but I was useless at football
I preferred the company
of a group of third year girls
spent my lunchtimes with them
make up music and boys
were the topics for the chat I enjoyed
with Maureen Marjorie Linda and Gina I felt safe with them
away from the rough world of boys
as I looked at the world
I was allowed to share
back in the days when I didn’t have
a care
but cared too much
about the opinions of others
as i began to discover myself
I think the girls knew
more than they let on
I blushed at mentions of Donny
and I’ll bet they knew I fancied
one of the Bay City Rollers
and that I wouldn’t say no
to David Essex
I didn’t have to pretend
to those who accepted me
knowing that a secret girl has secrets of her own

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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