Screaming Banshees

Hey everyone. A poem to celebrate women & all that we are on the topic of the recent all female poetry slam for international women’s day.

Screaming Banshees

On a cold windy night we show the world
all that women are & all we will become
in a bar we feast on companionship & poetry
even non drinkers getting drunk
on the history we were creating
celebrating an event to let the world hear our voices

In our capital city we gathered
for a night on the banter
a collection of international women
competed in an all female slam
this was no wham bam thank you sham.
but now let’s hear another man
rant or ram his raps down the throats of the audience
this was sisters speaking for ourselves

It was a night where the girls were out in style
making each other laugh, cry , smile, think, and sometimes all at once
our poetry can multi task
ask questions to be debated
over a glass of whatever our tipple of choice may be
we were spirits flying free
the screaming banshees
who will speak whenever we have to something to say

International women’s day is but one in a Callender year
we will speak without fear for the other 364
we will not be ignored or told to keep quiet
confined to a world of kitchen & soaps
those days are over we will live as we believe we should
yes we will good but on our terms
here come the girls for a night on the banter
our patter wrapped in well dressed words of our choice
Listen carefully to our voices
we are not & will never be tokens
the screaming banshees have spoken

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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