Scotland’s Voice

Hey everyone Its time for another poem in support of reclaiming our Independence. I hope the poem shows why I believe that Independence is not only desirable but necessary so we can replace an outdated system of imposed rule with a better more appropriate political arrangement which will be mutually beneficial to all the nations of the British&Irish Isles. I have given the poem the title Scotland’s Voice I hope you like it.

Scotland’s Voice

In the clear blue sky
a nation dared to dream
of a fresh start a new history
which waits to be written
the next chapter will be
we will invite others
to share our journey
who knows the direction
we will take but make no mistake our path will be our choice
Scotland’s voice will be heard
not ignored or suppressed
yes we will have problems
& we will have to solve them
Its what we can do for our people
which will shape the Scotland we live in
Goodbye Britain
we know our priorities
we believe justice & tackling poverty to be more important
than playing soldiers in pretend wars
inventing enemies has never been our way
when we could be making friends
Britain you like to pretend you are important
boasting shouting screaming attempting to force others to listen
but in 16 when Ireland made a stand
you ran like cowards always do
there is no place left for you to hide
crawl back inside your cave
we will find you
& claim back what it is ours
take the power & use it wisely
we will prosper as will our neighbours
as we end a colonial arrangement
creating equal nations & friends
who don’t pretend to agree
on everything
but respect the others decisions
It is our values views & visions
which will shape the future
of our people
a people silenced for so long now sing songs of hope
this is no time for fear
in the clear blue skies
a nation dared to dream
to dream of a better land
where Scotland’s voice speaks to the world

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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