Scotland’s Call

Hey everyone. As Scotland’s enemies
launch the most futile campaign in the history of our nation. This poem tells them why they will fail in their deluded attempt at keeping us in the chains of UK PLC & why we will win Scotland for our people in the coming referendum in addresses the one question they keep refusing to answer that’s because they don’t have an answer to it. The question is Why if Independence is good enough for every other nation in the world then why is it not good enough for Scotland? The poem is titled Scotland’s Call I hope you enjoy it.

Scotland’s Call

If its good enough for Latvia
Jamaica and Australia
If no-one seems to worry
about Estonia or Croatia
It if good enough for Palestine
on which you all campaign
then why do you question
Scotland’s right
to be a nation again

If its good enough for India
for Ghana and Belize
how can you say freedom
will bring us to our knees
It is because you really care
I think I know the answer
with just a few exceptions
your charlatans and chancers

You spin a poisonous little myth
we’re too poor to cope
and as for the flag your proud to fly
you know the union joke
Its just a butcher’s apron
with scarlet stains of shame
you might be speaking for yourself
but its not in Scotland’s name

Because I’ll tell you some cold hard facts
I think you need to know
If we were as needy as you make us out
then we’d have been free long ago
the lies you tell from the Tay to the Thames
will now be known by all
Because your only interest is saving your job
Ours is Scotland’s Call

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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