Sammy’s Slams & Salmond

Hi everyone Its been a busy week in the life of this blogger lots done & lots more that could have been if only my campaign for a 28 hour day had got more than one supporter.

Let’s start with Monday: the first Monday of the month is always the most important day or should I say night, of the month for me.

The reason for this is that is the night I compare Words& Music at Samuel Dow’s or Sammy’s to its battle hardend regulars. This month saw the former Scotia Bar Poet Laureate Jim Ferguson as featured writer & one of the clubs favourite multi taskers Andy Fleming as featured musician & both entertained us with top quality sets.
Jim performed some of his classic poems such as carrots& the close, whilst the highlight of Andy’s set was a song which I think may outrage the likes of Rick Santorum & the fundamentalist evangelical right.

My thanks go to both guys but particularly to Andy for stepping in at the last minute to replace Carla McLean who had call off at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. I think it is safe to say a good night was had by all.

On Tuesday It was yet more poetry & my first visit this year to our capital city. I have to say that Edinburgh is a lot chillier in March than it is in August when the madness of the fringe hits its streets. Though the warmth of my welcome more than made up for any little nips in the air.

I don’t know what it is about our capital city but the minute I hit its streets I feel struck by a sense of history & to some extent at least a cultural homecoming. However as the match. com advert said that’s just me.
The real reason for my trip east on Tuesday was to be part of history as I was taking part in Scotland’s first ever all female poetry slam. Little I did know, when I hit the Banshee Labyrinth i wouldn’t just taking part in history I would be creating it as the female performer to take the stage in the event.

The slam was held to celebrate International Women’s Day & the money raised through donations will help Scottish Women’s Aid. It was a brilliant night & Rachel McCrum deservedly claimed the title. This woman is a poet & performer of serious quality.

After a night off on Wednesday to allow spirit & flesh to recover, Thursday saw me attend my two writers groups at Tollcross & Glasgow. Writers at the Gallery of Modern Art.

Friday saw me miss the Aye Write Scottish Slam for the first time in history, however I do know who won it. So congratulations to the Scottish Slam Champion 2012. Kevin Cadwallender. As anyone who is on my facebook will know, I named Kevin as my man of 2011 for his efforts in creating a new Scottish poetry marathon record at the Forrest Cafe last year I’m really pleased for Kevin who will carry the hopes of our nation at the World Slam Championships in Paris later in the year.

Talking about carrying the hopes of our nation, Alex Salmond proved yet again that Scotland unlike the UK actually has a leader we can be proud of. His speech to the SNP faithful at the party’s spring conference showed a man at the top of his game. Unwilling to play politics with people’s lives this statesman is a giant amongst the mice of the Westminster parties. Whilst they spread scare stories about what Scotland can’t achieve, he remains positive about what Scotland can achieve. Whatever you may think of him Salmond is a man with a vision of a better land for his people & the ability to articulate that vision in the language of the people.

This is what sets him apart from the unionists who are bound together not through a shared identity of Britishness but rather through the desperation of trying to hold on to there tickets for the UK gravy train where they can dine on a plate of lies served with a dessert of deception which they will serve to the Scottish people at irregular intervals when there meal tickets need to be renewed.

In contrast to the self serving attitudes of the unionists, our first minister is a man of stature who cares deeply for his country & his fellow citizens. Over the years, I have heard many people say they envy Scotland, for our culture, our history, & our scenery. With Independence I believe they will also envy our nation.

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle. X

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