Ripe For Savage Consumption

Hey everyone This poem was written in the early hours of this morning after watching a report on BBC World News on an horrific gang rape of two teenage girls in India.

This disgusting act was made even more inhuman by the fact that the girls were hung on a mango tree as if they were pieces of fruit. No woman should ever be treated in such a vile, dehumanising way yet rape and other violations of women happen every day and that can’t and shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere let alone accepted as normal. It seems that the fight for gender equality has a long way to go and that class prejudice is not just a problem in developed nations but is also an issue in developing nations. I’ve called the poem Ripe For Savage Consumption to show my disgust at this barbaric behaviour. I hope you find this poem a challenging and thought provoking read.

Ripe For Savage Consumption

Teenage girls deprived of their dreams
brutalised and left to die
hanging from a mango tree
did anybody hear the cries
of the tortured
raped, violated, because of their caste
gender worth and class
the mitigating factors
in this crime
these young victims viewed
as ripe for savage consumption
devoured like pieces of fruit
by the eyes of those
who committed this disgusting,
degrading, humiliating act
against women
local police turned
blind eyes and deaf ears
see hear and speak no evil
against their fellow men
yet girls suffer again and again
as blood and ignorance shames the skies
girls were left to die
hanging from a mango tree
where only fruit should be ripe for the picking

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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