Question for Another Day

Hi everyone. Another poem to check out. The theme of the poem is nature and I’ve called it. Question for Another Day. I hope you enjoy it.

Question For Another Day

As the first flowers of spring begin to blossom
Scotland awakes from the long sleeps of winter
It speaks gently to start with
but then in louder tones
reminds us of impending changes
Nature is letting us know
what we sow now we shall reap later

Gradually we will change our ways
comfort foods replaced by diet & exercise
as we prepare for new beginnings
abstinence for the 40 days of lent
god’s rent for a promise fulfilled later
or motivation to kick start a new health regime

We do not shed our winter clothes
this would not be smart
before mid summer
We learned at the knees of our mothers
the cost of living in a land
where the weather plays catch up with the climate
Violent storms can happen at any time.
They are not restricted by the Scottish god of seasons.

This would be perceived as treason
In a land where men stubbornly resisted
the move to all seated stadiums
‘we watch oor fitba staunin up hen’
I was told when I asked about comfort
‘sitting doon is fur the theatre or the weans at school.

In this warm yet bitter land
I’m reminded we make our own rules
the Scotland of the steamie& still game lives on
part is of me is glad part of me not
I know that history grounds us in tradition & roots
Without our culture we’d be left to rot.

Its getting late soon I shall adjourn for the night
till the colours of light remove the blanket of darkness from our sky
sleep will provide me with the strength to face the morning
Nature is letting us know
what we sow today we will reap later.

Meanwhile I ponder questions for another day
who will mourn me when I am no longer here
In whose memory will I live on
who will read my words
did I leave a good harvest for humanity
@ Gayle Smith 2012

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