Puppy Love

Hey everyone. Another poem on my first crush the one and only Donny Osmond. I’ve titled it Puppy Love and I hope you enjoy the read.

Puppy Love

Its been a while since he won my heart
in the days when puppy love topped the charts
he will reign in my dreams till the twelfth of never
I guess first love endures forever
a few weeks ago I saw him on telly
my heart started racing as my legs turned to jelly
the boy was still gorgeous
as he was in days past
I knew this love was born to last
he was my hero my gift from above
I knew even then this was not puppy love

I was told it’s a crush
it will soon disappear
this wasn’t the story I wanted to hear
he was my darling
the boy of my dreams
I bought all the newspapers and magazines
collecting the posters for the bedroom wall
I really believed I was belle of the ball
I joined the fan club
to let the world see
how much my Donny meant to me.

@Gayle Smith 2003

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