Prisoners Of Debt

Hey everyone. A Christmas poem with a difference, its dedicated to Kezia Dugdale MSP for her work on pay day loans. I know that debt isn’t an easy subject for any poem let alone a Christmas one, but this is a time when many families struggle to keep up with the neighbours & under pressure due to the commercialism of Christmas resort to taking out a pay day loan often with devastating consequences.

Prison Of Debt

Christmas comes but once a year
lots of people trapped in fear
poverty visits its not nice
in the cold chill of winter reality bites
too many tempted too pick up the phone
get themselves a pay day loan
thinking it will solve their problems
this is the curse of Modern Scotland

With all cards sent & presents bought Christmas is paid for believe it or not
all the family waxing lyrical
about this so-called seasonal miracle
but when the tree is taken down
they can’t afford the rent
the pay day loan has left them stuffed its increased by 4,000 per cent

so when the payments can’t be paid
& they can’t afford to eat
pretty soon they lose the house
there living on the street
Remember them & say a prayer
Its important we never forget
the ones who fell through life’s trap door
the prisoners of debt

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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