Poster Boy

Hey everyone. I was looking through old notebooks which have been lying around the house and  I found which has a number of musings in it from 2,000. There are some poems amongst this literary rubble and there are some lines paragraphs and phrases which can be edited used for future poems & maybe themes for Tollcross Writers. Today however I want to share a poem from the early part of this millennium.

In common with many of the poems I have written recently it was written when I was in reflective mood and looking back to the heroes of my formative years. I think if memory serves I was thinking of the boy band rivalry between Boyzone and Westlife, speaking personally I always did prefer the later. Though the subject of this poem are a band and particularly the lead singer of a band from just a wee bit further back in time. I wonder who said the Osmonds? All of you? Now there’s a surprise you know me so well. Anyway, the poem is titled poster boy I hope you enjoy the read.

Poster Boy

Boy bands taking centre stage
the latest teenage stars to shine
memories of sweet seduction
of poster boys that once were mine

The Osmonds were the first seducers
to find a place inside my heart
I dreamed of being Donny’s princess
but knew I’d never get the part

Because I knew my gorgeous hero
would find himself the perfect girl
he stole my heart and still he keeps it
when I was 12 he was my world

Eventually I replaced his posters
I realised I had more choice
though memories will last forever
of when I first discovered boys

@ Gayle Smith 2000

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