Postcode Lottery

Hey everyone As someone who graduated in geography and politics I thought I’d combine my two subjects to illustrate that geography can impact significantly on our chances in life. Well geography contrary to what some people believe is not all about mountains and rivers and applies to your location be it country, city, town, or locality more than many people think. I also believe your location may be more important than many people would like to admit. Whether this is terms of culture politics economics or even our social lives geography influences us to a far greater extent than we realise. In this poem I have taken the subject from the perspective of the geography of localities and examined how, our location can impact on our quality of life. I have titled the poem Postcode Lottery and I hope you find it an interesting and thought provoking read.

Postcode Lottery

Some people live in a palace of wealth
whilst others live in poverty
the reason is easy to explain
its called the postcode lottery

Geography matters it can’t be denied
it impacts on standards of living
in relations to income to crime and disease
it can shape our dreams and ambitions

If our location is the in place to be
It will increase our chances of glory
but if its deserted and the rot has set in
there’s a negative side to this story

for if this is the case I believe I can say
our prospects in life will decrease
we won’t have disposable income to spend
and we won’t have the same self belief
as they do in the greener and leafier parts
where they pay more attention to diet
and get private tuition for kids with ambitions
there not bothered with kids running riot

its time to think big and believe in our dreams
if we don’t then we won’t reach the top
if we want the best then we have to invest
or we’ll never be cream of the crop

we believed in the dream that the government sold
of a property owning democracy
but our future is shaped by the red lines of birth
and a game called the postcode lottery

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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