Hey everyone A poem which was written in 2010 and is aimed at those who are considering voting No in next year’s independence referendum. Believe me when I say you do so at your own very considerable risk.

This is a picture of what I believe will happen to you when Westminster comes in the night and you wake up screaming the next morning. The poem is called pickpockets I hope you find it a challenging and thought provoking read.


They came in the darkness to steal all we had
It looked as if nothing had been taken
the house was spotless and all was still in place just as had it been at dusk the previous night but pickpockets know identity is scared
gain access to that and nothing will remain
hold on to your dignity
with all that dwells within you
lose it and you will have nothing left but dreams
in time they too will vanish into the mist
refuse any offer of gold the currency of fools
the thieves will not part with it
they will pay you instead with 30 pieces of silver
giving you the kiss of judas
as a welcome to their family

@Gayle Smith 2010

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