Party Hack

Hey everyone. Another poem on politics but this will appeal across the party divide. Its a light hearted look at that all too familiar animal in the political jungle otherwise known as the party hack. I hope you enjoy the read.

Party Hack

The party hack will attack
even when he believes
they are right
from morning till night
he gives soundbites
on policies he disagrees with
but still supports
the press reports
describe him as a party loyalist
though not a royalist
he supports royalty
& government action on poverty
providing its in Sudan Haiti
or somewhere
a long way away from his constituency he has chameleon like ability
to change his mind
as dictated by opinion polls
or policy review
then claim he was right all along
he has never been strong enough
to fight for principles
he’s never had any to hold
his obsession is his career
let’s say backbone
is one thing he lacks
I really despise the party hack.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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