Ocean Of Thoughts

Hey everyone Here’s another poem for you to enjoy its title is Ocean Of Thoughts & it covers a variety of topics. Though its mainly about the creative process it touches on green issues, womanhood, & the rat race. Take from it what you will.

Ocean Of Thoughts

An ocean of thoughts
lives off the coastline of my mind the tide will bring them ashore
when mother nature decides
the time is right & not before
storms may batter the heart
which calls me home
but they will not be allowed
to wreck havoc or cause chaos
to my perfectly ordered life
I will be mother daughter lover maybe wife
all in the space of an hour
I have the power of imagination
In my mind a nation exists
which is not yet free
I do not separate land & sea
believing as I do that the relationship
they have is mutually beneficial
like darkness & light
I will fight for a better land
a kinder planet
where a race run by rats
to depart from a sinking ship
is not the main event
I refuse to be content
with second best
I won’t accept a place
in any race
I will not run when they fire the gun
of commercial based greed
I operate only on need not want
I don’t desire to own possessions just a share in our global commonwealth
an equal stake in humanity
an end to the madness & insanity
of a world filled with ego’s
the stranglers told us there were no more heroes
they were right & now some of my words have landed
on the coastline of my mind
brought in by the tide which always threatens to engulf poets
as we try to control the stormy seas
Meanwhile a gentle breeze wafts over me
as another poem is completed
my ocean of thoughts is becalmed

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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