Night Shift

Hey everyone. This post contains a poem written from the perspective of a working girl. You know, a woman who works in the oldest profession in the world. It is often referred to the sex industry. This is a term I hate as I believe woman who work the streets are exploited & they don’t have the same rights as other workers. The poem is titled Night Shift & is part of a series I am writing on this issue which I may read next year at the fringe if I can get them all written & put in to an orderly sequence. I hope it provides you with a thought provoking read.

Night Shift

Working night shift
9 till 5 a.m
I see many different men
for 10 to 15 minutes
my time has limits
& your cash dictates
how much of the time
you’ll be given
this is not romantic
they’ll be no passion
under the stars
no clubbing or trendy bars
for me
only the best lingerie or PVC
money can buy
this isn’t a job
I recommend your daughter to try
Its not nice work
but someone’s got to do it
some guys
anything in skirts
they’ll screw it
is your girlfriend safe tonight?
think about her
as you rip the tights off me
oh I forgot
in your world I don’t exist
but you can’t just wish
or wash me away
get on with your nice clean ordered day
I will be part of you
In those dark moments
you don’t wish to share
with those you care about
as I go home to sleep
during the daylight hours
but you know I will be back
to see you
& many other men
as I work the night shift
from 9 to 5 a.m

@ Gayle Smith 2011

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