My Glasgow

Hey everyone. A poem written for Glasgow the city I call home & despite all its faults I’m proud to call home that’s why I’ve titled it My Glasgow I hope you enjoy the read.

My Glasgow

My Glasgow
stands tall in flat shoes
she doesn’t need heels
though she’ll wear them at weekends
she is on trend
but sets her own
knows what she likes
and what she doesn’t
never afraid to voice her opinions
take part in discussion
say what she thinks
doesn’t need drink
though she won’t refuse
this girl doesn’t play to lose
a fighter she has survived hard times
knows she’ll see them again
and doesn’t care
she’ll wear it well like she always does
she knows where it’s at
if her city’s buzzing
she’ll be the centre of attention
this girl with a mouth
and a heart ten times the size
she can spot wise guys
at a thousand paces
slap both their faces at once
now that’s what I call multi- tasking
she dares chancers by saying
if you’re asking for trouble
let’s go to the schemes
this will be your nightmare
not your dreams
she will show you poverty
& wealth
within i five minutes of the city centre
where no surrender is written on walls
and no one gets the irony
that the area with Scotland’s lowest
life expectancy
is ready for the fight
aye right like she believes that
this girl born of tenements
or council flats
will never be easily fooled
except when it comes to voting
party of the workers
you must be bloody joking
but Glasgow votes them in
more out of habit than tradition
perceived loyalty more than ambition
rules our city chambers
we pride ourselves that Celtic & Rangers
are part of Europe’s football elite
rather than big fish in a small pool
cruel it may be but still it rings true
the green and the blue faded shadows of the teams they used to be
My Glasgow has seen many changes
though the song remains the same
it always will this girl doesn’t know
how to lose though she has suffered many losses
at the hands of fate
the industries which made our city great
snatched away and taken elsewhere
political reasons, treason
for which they have been found not proven
token statements of support to their people
disguised their lies and half truths
and proved they said their commitment
to those they were supposed to represent
content with their lot
they could have at least pretended to have fought
though ermine cloaks hid their guilt well
My Glasgow will tell her story when the times comes
She will dance her victory jig
as the drum beats retreat from the past
and at last the sun sets on empire and colony
and she will be midwife at the birth of a new democracy
she does not need to wear heels
but when she does she’ll dig them in
this is My Glasgow an Independent woman
she has a mind of her own
she plays to win

@ Gayle Smith 2012


4 thoughts on “My Glasgow

  1. Leaked straight from a Glaswegian’s Heart!! Excellent idea that she doesn’t need high heels to walk tall. And loved the ‘independent woman’ – ( a not at all sneaky dig there) I liked the reference to the pied piper – I think the quote is something like ‘ To think we buy gowns lined with ermine for dolts that can’t or won’t determine how to rid us of our vermin. You think because you’re old and obese to find in the furry civic robe ease. Rouse up sirs give your brains a racking to find the remedy we’re lacking or sure as fate we’ll send you packing.’ looking forward to hearing you read this. XX Princess Cuckoo.

  2. Well done Gayle, this certainly pulled on my heartstrings, a great mix of nostalgia and hope for the future, the auld bitch isnae deid yet xxxx

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