Museum Of The Mind

Hey everyone. In this poem I outline the difference as I see it between an Independent Scotland where we have a vision of a fairer more equal society for all who live or wish to live here & a union so firmly entrenched in a colonial past that it resembles a museum rather than a nation. That’s why I have called it Museum Of The Mind. Hope you enjoy the read.

Museum Of The Mind

Looking at Britain
I see a fractured kingdom
Its leaders have no vision for the future
preferring to live in the past
where they can pretend to be important
rather than impotent
they are stiff not sexy
as they like to think they are
they look uneasy in a car
they are only allowed to drive
on Uncle Sam’s day off
they live in a rented room
& they can’t afford the rent
yet they tell others
we should be content with our lot
I think not
but I will leave them with a parting thought
those of us who believe we can do better
are preparing to leave these cramped conditions
which stifle growth creativity & ambition
this is not a nation
Britain is unfit for human habitation
but we won’t wait
till they set the terms for our eviction
we will move in to our own house
where resources will be divided fairly
amongst all who share the accommodation
this is the way forward
& I think you will find
if all nations are imagined communities
It is better to imagine a fairer future
than be trapped
in a museum of the mind

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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