Mr Tonight

Hey everyone. A poem on the subject of dating & how sometimes the guy you get isn’t the one you thought it might be. I think it also shows how its best not to wait around in case you miss an opportunity. Written with tongue ever so slightly in check I’ve titled it Mr Tonight I hope you enjoy the read.

Mr Tonight

Dressed to kill the S A S
look like a hooker in distress
short skirts shows off nice long legs
well my sister always says
you should accentuate your best assets
so out on display on a wet winter night
suitably clad in patterned tights
which scream
sophisticated woman
so come on Mr Superhuman
I look at my watch whilst looking around
he’s nowhere to be found
this so-called date
god almighty its half past eight
I’ll give him five minutes then I’ll go
just as I’m walking
I feel a slow breath on my neck
I turn around see the local jack the lad he’s called Jim
god knows how much I fancy him
Then he says hello is it me your looking for ?
no I reply but still I smile
at this twenty something man child
& say I’m waiting for someone
but they haven’t turned up
he looks into my eyes
which say what the hell
you’ll do for tonight

@ Gayle Smith 2011

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