Man Of Dignity

Hey everyone This poem is written as a tribute to the late Kenny Caird. A friend respected by all knew him. He will be missed by the many whose lives he enriched & he certainly enriched mine. Memories of great nights at Words & Music & other venues will always be cherished. The poem is titled Man of Dignity & is dedicated with love & respect to his family & friends.

Man Of Dignity

He was always a wind & rain kind of man
best on the dark nights when storm clouds gathered
& spirits needed cheering
reliable, always there when others couldn’t make it
like a good plate of broth or mince & tatties
his music was comfort food for hungry fighters
songs of protest & humour
well selected, from a man respected by all who knew his tunes
even when they sang in a different key
one song holds a memory for me
the song he would sing for my da
Erin Go Brath
powerful words against bigotry
sleep well man of dignity
I will remember you each time I gather a handful of earth

Gayle Smith 2012

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