Hey everyone. A new poem which shows the dangers of poverty and unemployment and the all too real consequences, if we don’t take appropriate measures to tackle what I believe are the biggest twin killers in any democratic society. The poem is called Lucky I hope its a thought provoking read.


Just a boy with a head of full of dreams
signing on at 17
trapped on a run down housing estate he had to get out had to make his escape
so he went round the bars and he played his guitar
five minutes of fame but he couldn’t touch the stars
in a cycle of doom he was losing control
as he tried all he knew to escape his black hole
but the harder he tried the worse it became
the hole just got deeper and increased his pain
he could no longer cope being one of the victims
of austerity cuts which have swept bankrupt Britain
so he packed his belongings and went on his way
as the tears told the story that no words could say
he was pulled from the waters
which were cold damp and mucky
and that was the end
for the boy known as lucky

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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