Let’s Pretend

Hey everyone A poem for girls about those awkward Sunday visits to family friends especially during the difficult years when hormones started racing you had to put up with the strain of pretending to the family that you got on well with the daughter and did not under any circumstances have crushes or god forbid deeper feelings for the son. I’ve titled the poem Let’s Pretend I hope you enjoy the read.

Let’s Pretend

It was always the same
guilt trips to strangers or family friends
play a game of let’s pretend
we actually get on
with their snotty kids
pardon me definitely no knickers here
couldn’t afford a pair
after buying their own versions of Barbie
an almost real life dolls mansion
my Sindy was homeless
even then she lived in a box
of tattered cardboard
but at least I knew how to behave
all ladylike you know
sit with my legs crossed
nothing on show
for the boys to see
poor sweet innocent me
like that’ll be right
I spent many a Sunday night in sin
lusting after him
yes the one with the sister who was a bitch
except she wasn’t really bad
I was glad when at 14 we became friends
No more games of let’s pretend

@Gayle Smith 2012


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