Last Night I Dreamed Of Economics

Hey everyone. A few weeks our facilitator at Glasgow Writers Group Marc Sherland said that all writers should keep a dream diary. I told him I had trouble recalling my dreams but last night I had such a strange dream even I can remember it. Well it isn’t every night I dream of being on Sky News debating the economics of independence
with Katie Hopkins. Needless to say I won the debate hands down. Who knows? next week it could be Sarah Pallin on foreign policy or Tony Blair on world peace. Anyway, that’s enough of my ramblings for now, I hope you enjoy a poem which reveals I have something Anas Sarwar and Johann Lamont would find deeply disturbing it’s called socialist tendencies.

Last Night I Dreamed Of Economics

Last night I dreamed of economics
I was on sky news with Katie Hopkins
debating with passion Smith v Keynes
I really do have the strangest of dreams
should Scotland go or should Scotland stay
Independence or UK
it wasn’t a bitch fight or rammy from hell
the scary thing was we got on quite well
we both fought our corners
we spoke from the heart
better together or better apart
I baffled her slightly by a reading a poem
as flaws in her arguments I believe could be shown
by looking in depth at materialism
if has a country cash crops it can’t have a vision
It wouldn’t be allowed by the chattering classes
she then told the audience
I think Gayle’s a Marxist
I assured them I wasn’t
but I said there’s a way
to end global debt it’s to stop unfair trade
let nations develop at the rate that suits them
then she smiled and replied
not that chestnut again
I said it’s a falsehood to pretend it’s not true
think global act local as the greens try to do
there has to be more to our purpose than wealth
we can’t have a nation based completely on self
It’s not the road the forward
it’s failed in the past
I nailed my colours to the mast
saying austerity proves that it’s failing our future
she claimed man is flawed
with wealth his seducer
I agreed on that point
but said I couldn’t understand it
why as hue and cry say
we’re seduced and abandoned
to the forces of greed
the most fatal of sins
and get trapped in a rat race
where nobody wins
we have to take action
help the folk in the schemes
generations abandoned
to what might have beens
but she claimed that we all get
the land we deserve
I countered we’re the 4th most unequal on earth
with our dames and dukes and our posh private schools
the keys to the reason Britannia still rules
I really can’t fathom why the poor love the monarchy
when it props up the system
which keeps them poverty
Inequality stalks in the streets I know well
where big issue vendors have something to sell
asking yes asking for any spare change
If you listen closely you can hear voices say
this used to be my patch
till one day I gave up
life isn’t a lottery
it’s not down to luck
people are dying even as we speak
It proves that this land is no place for the meek
then she claimed Margaret Thatcher was great for our people
and she couldn’t understand why the Scots thought her evil
I told her I lived through those years of despair
with a government which didn’t even pretend that it cared
as coal steel and textiles
all felt the pain inflicted by a woman in ‘great’ Britain’s name
I knew at the time we weren’t Scotland the Brave
but instead just a colony of Westminster’s slaves
I said it was time this arrangement was ended
by taking my country to full independence
to a place where two nations could be neighbours and friends
and not viewed by one party as a means to an end
to stack up votes and seats
which would soon be forgotten as under their rule yet more burghs go rotten
the wealth gap grows wider
there is no sign for Scotland
from the Westminster forces
of the winds of change promised
two women in power suits who both wanted power
I won the debate to see my country flower
I have to believe in the road out of poverty
a path based on fairness and better democracy
It’s for these reasons only I first entered politics
last night I dreamed of economics

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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