Kilts And Kisses

Hey everyone This is a poem on the topic of my first crush the one and only Donny Osmond. This poem is about the dream of my perfect wedding to my hero.

No doubt its a dream I shared with millions of girls of my age who were like me devoted Donny fans and members of the fan club throughout Scotland, Britain, and the World. I’ve titled the poem Kilts and Kisses so for all you fellow Donny fans out there I’m sure it will bring memories as we travel to our teens or maybe even or pre teens when Donny topped the charts and ruled our hearts. I hope you enjoy the read.

Kilts And Kisses

Donny dashing in a kilt
me all dressed in white
my smile beams brightly at this man
he’s a truly magnificent sight

With all my friends supporting me
on the happiest day of my life
the day I’d always dreamed about
when I’d be Donny’s wife

At first they called it puppy love
they said it wouldn’t last
but I’m the happiest girl alive
because I know it has

The minister asks do you take this man
I gladly say I do
but when dawn breaks and I awake
he disappears from view

My alarm clock tells me its time to get up
we’ll never be Mr and Mrs
though when night falls I’ll dream once more
of Donny Kilts and Kisses

@ Gayle Smith 2007


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