Just Another Manic Monday But Not In The Way I Had Planned

Hey everyone. As my friends will testify I have a very busy life & no two days are ever the same. Sometimes, I make plans to do things & end up not doing because of what a rather famous war time leader once called events.

Monday, was a classic case in point.
It started well enough, when I left Baillieston there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. So as I reached the Sandyford for my gender identity appointment I believed this would just be the start of a very busy day.

It was a positive meeting well they usually always are & I informed my consultant that I believed I had made significant progress since our last meeting in the cold harsh winter of January.

I outlined my progress with evidence from what I call my diary of comments. Though I don’t keep a diary in the formal sense, I do have a good memory for dates times & events. Well as a poet & a trainer you tend to train your brain with certain memory techniques so when people give me support by making positive comments about my transition I do make a habit of remembering them.

In this particular session I mentioned friends & contacts from the worlds of fashion & politics, & how they had given me brilliant encouragement.
I’ll mention no names except two, Claire & Lynsay from Dorothy Perkins who have been constant rocks throughout the transition. They are the kind of the friends everyone should be proud of, if they are lucky enough to have them & I know they will no doubt be delighted that I am finally thinking about putting in for my gender recognition certificate within the next few months.

At the end of the session we set the date for the next meeting for the 11th of September. This falls at the end of my busiest period of the year when hopefully I will have enjoyed good times at the Edinburgh Festival & The Callender Poetry festival. It will be good to re-claim the date as historic for all the right reasons.

On leaving the Sandyford I made my way for my now traditional drink or two at the Avalon Bar. As always, the welcome was friendly & the craic was good. Originally, I had intended to stay or for an hour or so, however the Scottish weather god decided otherwise. Within seconds of leaving I was caught in a very major shower & decided to retreat & go back to the Avalon after what must be the shortest goodbye in history. Well at least the warm was welcome & the ever friendly barmaid asked if I would like a diet coke & towel. What I like about the Avalon is that its real man’s pub filled not with macho men but real men who know how to treat a women & that includes a transwoman.

On finally leaving I decided to go & investigate some beauty salons with regards to prices for waxing & manicures as the salon I used to go to has closed & I think I may have found somewhere for special occasions. However I am still on the hunt for somewhere to suit my most basic beauty needs.

Not long after this, I was chatting to a girl as to whether my choice of skirt was too long for my petite frame. The girl said she thought it was fine & that it was a good skirt for the Scottish weather but when the summer comes I can get the tights off & get it up. I know for a fact, she did not mean her comment in a smutty way & what she was actually saying was that I should consider embracing the summer style of fake tans & shorter hem lines. However when she realised what she had said & how it could be interpreted, her face turned a bright shade of crimson.

Eventually I made the journey into the city centre I went for my customary wanders round House of Fraser. This was where I had one of those emotional moments, you know, the kind that make your day. As I was meandering my through the make up department, I heard a very familiar voice that I hadn’t heard for a long time. It belonged to a ghost from my past my former beauty consultant Sheona Corrigan. It was Shona & the team at Estee Lauder who were my confidants during the dark days of the pre transition era. Seeing her again brought back good memories. The kind of memories I often refer to as stars in the darkness. She said she couldn’t believe I had finally went for it & that I was looking both better & happier than ever. When I informed her that I had started my hormone treatment, she joked that she could see evidence. I think she may have been referring to my developing breasts which seem to have been attracting a lot of comments recently. These comments are always meant & taken in an encouraging way by girlfriends who are real friends who are supportive of me & of my right to be the woman I am & was born to be.

These off the cuff remarks & the banter which came with them proves the validity of keeping a diary of comments as I already have my first piece of evidence for my next consultation with my consultant.

Before going for the bus home, I made one final stop at superdrug where I was informed by a friendly member of staff that I had been reporting missing . This despite the fact I had been in the store as recently as Saturday. Its amazing what people think if there not on shift when your shopping, I think must be the price of popularity. Anyway, this time I made no mistake & I bought the fishnets I couldn’t buy on Saturday. Well I had no-one to stop me, its amazing what a girl can do when left to her own devices. You just have to trust me on that.

When I arrived back in Baillieston I had a decision to make about what to do next. Would I go to the Scotia Bar for the monthly feast of spoken word or my local SNP branch meeting? In the end I decided to go to neither as I was more tired than I thought. Was this a case of she who hesitates is lost or was I taking the diplomatic option? I think I prefer the later idea, my Monday had been manic enough, just not in the way I had planned.

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X

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