Journey To A New Tomorrow

Hey everyone. Here’s a poem where I hope I have mapped out my vision for a better Scotland. The poem is called Journey To A New Tomorrow I hope you enjoy reading it.

Journey To A New Tomorrow

Nations are like all territories imagined communities of the collective mind
they provide a sense of belonging
a longing for a golden age
a vision for a better future
if we really are all in this together
its time for some to share the burden
the streets of Greenwich are not the same as Govan
the playing fields of Eton have nothing in common with the school yards
Its different rules for rich and poor
yet many seem to accept to their fate though they’ll moan about later
when they drink in club apathy
though they don’t even know there a member
If they surrender this golden opportunity
to live in a better nation regrets will be the destiny of cowards
when they buy their final drinks in the last chance saloon
and that day will come sooner than they would like
Its time fight against the forces of those who talk us down
who use myth for narrative
like a land ruled by a crown and unelected lords
are bywords for equality
when the facts tell a different story
from their carefully packaged image
British is only a name for privilege and wealth the personal geographies and histories
of ordinary citizens
are far removed from those with accentuated accents
born of received pronunciation
this is no united kingdom or united nation
in truth few if any countries
are one community one culture
one faith
however, if we take the step
If we can imagine a land
where we can be the best we can be
which can create a better society
based on fairness and inclusion
and never on isolation
we can and will live in a better nation
Independent of Britain
though still a good neighbour
and friend
and bearing no grudges we will move on not thinking of past differences
but the road ahead as we begin
The journey to a new tomorrow

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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