Jackie Girl

Hey everyone. A poem for girls who like myself grew up in the 1970’s or even the 80’s it reminds us all of a time when teen magazines were a bit more innocent than now. Well times have changed and so has content but I hope this poem brings back memories for the Jackie Generation that’s why I’ve called it Jackie Girl. I hope you enjoy the read.

Jackie Girl

Turning back the pages of a favourite magazine
made me think of days gone by and cherished hopes and dreams
some fulfilled and others not the way life’s gone for me
I guess we have illusions which were never meant to be

I well remember going to school and flicking through the pages
I suppose that’s what life does to us, we stop at certain stages
we pause for thought and then move on
we’ve things we have to do
remembering dreams of yesterday when the sky was always blue

A Cosmopolitan Woman Now my magazine of choice
my early years were Jackie years when I first discovered boys
when Donny was the centrefold complete with gorgeous smile
this bible of the seventies gave tips on boys and style

Cathy and Claire advised us all on problems that we had
on how to deal with break up’s without us feeling sad
the photo stories convinced me
there could be happy endings
though now I know
the time has come
to finally stop pretending

I think that day dawned years ago but still I clung to my dreams
maybe life was more innocent then in my primary years and my teens
so what if its not 1973 and I’ll never be Donny’s princess
magazines they come and go but Jackie was the best

For what would seem a lifetime I’d be first in the queue at the shops no matter if the sun shone or the rain would never stop
I’d read each page a dozen times and keep all my copies together
because you see I knew I’d be
a Jackie Girl forever

@ Gayle Smith 2007


2 thoughts on “Jackie Girl

  1. I love this poem. It takes me back to Saturday afternoons, pocket money in hand and that excited wee run through the lane to the newsagents to buy my magazine (although I have to admit being more of a Smash Hits fan). I like the line ‘I suppose that’s what life does to us we stop at certain stages’. It was lovely to read your poem and stop at the Jackie magazine stage and pause for a wee while. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Hey Angela I thought you might like this poem and I’m really glad you did as it’s one of the most personal poems I’ve ever written and comes straight from the heart. Trust me it wasn’t easy being trans in the 70’s and having no sisters made it even harder for me.

      I remember having to hide my copies of Jackie in a secret cupboard along with my stash of outfits so my older brother wouldn’t find them. Thankfully, by the time I was 12, I had learned the habits of disguise and I learned them from Cathy and Claire who were an invaluable source of advice whether they knew it or not.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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