It’s Time

Hey everyone Another poem I was inspired to write after attending the Glasgow national collective session. Based on the SNP election slogan of 2007 I decided to not only to parrot the slogan but to say what I believe it’s time for and explain the kind of Scotland I would like to see
whilst exposing the weakness of the unionist case of keep calm and carry on. The time has come to bury fear and replace it with a voice of hope that we can and will have the better future we deserve. I hope you find this poem an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

Its Time

It’s time
to think about change
let’s give this idea serious consideration
we have a chance to shape
the future of our nation
like no generations before
let the lion rampant roar
let Scotland get a seat at the table
let us build a nation where nobody is labelled
where we look after the poor
and provide better care for our disabled people
rather than see them as a burden
a drain on society’s resources
you know like the Tory/New Labour forces
let us see woman finally gaining pay
teenagers valued
and listen to what our older people say
appreciate the cultures of our immigrants and diaspora’s
never forget Blair was the proudest son of Thatcher who ever walked in to Downing Street the Tories were never defeated
how could they be when Labour had to re-brand as new
he did what he had to do
in the name of free market economics
and personal glory
he is but a footprint in Britain’s story
not like Labour giants of old
whose names are still revered even by opponents
you knew where you stood with Labour then
now its all about the keys to number 10
and charlatans without principles will say whatever they must
to win the prize
before betraying your trust
and proving Westminster has no room for opposition
no vision for the future
just tales from the past
about how it’s always been this way and there is no need
to change just keep calm on carry on
running about like headless chickens
Britain depends on our compliance
we must ask no questions
then we won’t get answers we don’t like
a political timewarp which just steps to the right will never be
Scotland’s way
It’s time to say we can, we must, we will
do better than this
and begin the journey to the future

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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