In The Soup

Hey everyone A poem to celebrate harvest thanksgiving the service for which will taking place this Sunday. The poem In The Soup was written in 2008 and in it I reflect on the importance of this service when I was growing up in the 1970’s. I hope you enjoy the read and remember to take something to church on Sunday morning.

In The Soup

Harvest time
food for the poor
do they like oxtail soup in Sudan I wondered
as my mother’s cupboard I plundered
for more goodies to take to church
I mused do Malawians munch on their peanut butter sandwiches
what about Tanzanians are they sweet on tangerines
before too long I think I had cleaned
half of my mother’s secret stash
from tins of mince to packets of smash
coffee corned beef and beans
the cupboard was a lot less full than it had seemed 10 minutes before
I made a run for the door
just as my mum was deciding what to cook
otherwise it’s safe to say
I might just have been in the soup

@ Gayle Smith 2008

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