I Was The Good Girl

Hey everyone A poem on the changing tastes which my growing up and the journey in to my teens. I’ve called it I Was The Good Girl hope you enjoy the read

I Was The Good Girl

As I started the big school
The Bay City Rollers were replacing the Osmonds
in many teenage hearts
I was beginning to watch the Waltons
I wished that I could get the part of John Boy’s Girlfriend
In that mythical land where family values and apple pie meant love and safety
from the big bad world outside
It was a place I could hide
for 50 minutes each Monday but for the rest of the week
I wanted a bad boy to show me
he had the moves
to keep on dancing
his name was Les
the poster boy for nice girls
who wanted to be naughty sometimes
It was time to say goodnight John Boy
I longed to get the gladrags on
for my summer love sensation
I was the good girl
who dreamed of being bad
but was too prim and proper
to do anything about it
except replace the posters in my scrapbooks
as I began to dance
to different songs
knowing I had outgrown my puppy love

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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