Home Comforts

Hey everyone This a poem for those whom some see fit to place at the bottom of society’s ladder. No matter who they are or what background they came from the homeless deserve our respect. After all with a change in our personal circumstances it could happen to any of us. You know whilst studying for my higher history many moons ago I read that a politician said to the soldiers returning home from the first world war that they would have homes fit for heroes and the Britain would be a land fit for heroes to live in. Nowadays I think you have to be a hero or in my case heroine to live in it. I have called the poem Home Comforts I hope you find it a thought provoking and maybe even challenging read.

Home Comforts

Home Comforts
not for those on street corners
big issue vendors
call girls freezing in stockings and suspenders
the old man who doesn’t even know
his name
but answers to hey you all the same
Home comforts
lucky for some
not for those treated like scum
the ones that society rejects
discarded like old fish and chip wrappers
not given any respect
rejected by a land where the differences
between being rich or poor
tred a very fine line
unemployment and crime are highest in the council schemes
dreams destroyed by lack of access to our not so flexible friend
which whilst keeping some on trend
denies others access to job opportunities,
better health care, housing, education and communities where everyone has rights
this does not need to be a land where the sky at night shows stars some will never be allowed to reach
except in the dreams yes dreams they have whilst sleeping rough in cardboard boxes or public benches
wake up world come to your senses
stop treating people like commodities
the only war worth fighting is one on poverty
I believe I read somewhere that long ago we lived in a land where people at least pretended to care at the end of world war 1 some politician said to a soldier son this will be a land fit for heroes to live in
now in this Britain you have to be a hero to live in it
promises are made but never kept
they mean nothing to the catch all con all political parties in this corrupt and dis united kingdom
where no one has the vision to light a candle for lost youth
or tell the truth to the people
who we remember for two minutes as we stand in silence once a year
leaders shed crocodile tears and go back to the comforts of home
not giving a thought to those who really need a hot meal a warm bed and the happiness and safety you get when you shut the door at night
maybe someone needs to say to the government of the day
there are no home comforts for those left in the cold some will never reach middle age never mind grow old
the reason is simple to explain look in the eyes of those in pain and remember no matter what your agenda
there are no locks on cardboard boxes.

@Gayle Smith 2013

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