Her Father’s Smile

Hey everyone A poem recalling one of my favourite moments from the Saturday’s bedroom tax protest.
It came towards the end of an excellent event when I met the
daughter of a friend her name is Roisin Caird the daughter of the late Words and Music favourite Kenny. It was the highlight of a day which contained many great moments. I hope you enjoy a poem which proves I’m more of a softie than I’m sometimes willing to admit. I’ve titled the poem Her Father’s Smile I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Her Father’s Smile

I met her at the bedroom tax demonstration
like me she cared deeply for the poor
who faced eviction from one nation and this so-called big society
she was there with a group of friends
I as an individual citizen
concerned that this was a Britain
in which no-one would be better together
during our blether she told me
her name was Roisin
this young woman blonde and articulate
smashing the Daily Mail stereotype
on a journey to set the world to rights
Its about fairness she said
I asked her family name
when she replied Caird
I swear above the George Square skies I saw a shadow singing songs to right wrongs
I should have guessed
it was the daughter of a fighter
for equality
who hated poverty and injustice
this disgusted him
in whatever form it came
the badge of shame must be removed
not just from Scotland but from humanity
its insanity he once told me
he was right
now his daughter takes up the fight
he left behind
I should have guessed
her eyes were kind
and she has her father’s smile

@Gayle Smith 2013

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