Happy Endings

Hey everyone A poem from a the perspective of a mother on the day of her daughter’s wedding. Its written as the mother is dishing out some advice for which the daughter may be greatful later on. It’s called Happy Endings and is a wee bit tongue in check I hope you enjoy the read.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings stop pretending
happy endings don’t exist
get a boyfriend get a mortgage
watch yourself go round the twist desire gets replaced by apathy
boredom always follows ruts
constant pressure to stay together
though he drives you bloody nuts happy endings constant cravings you want fun he wants routine
happy endings stop pretending
Its the nightmare scenario for love’s young dream
every night when he watches football
you’ll be climbing the living room wall
not that he’d notice he doesn’t do emotions
the cinderella story doesn’t end with the ball
it stops from the moment the ring’s on the finger
he wants you for domestic duties make us a coffee then make sure you smell it
its time to wake up sleeping beauty
there’s no such thing as happy endings
listen up and I’ll tell you why
every word that your man utters
is either a piss poor excuse or a lie
forgive me if you think I’m ranting but you have to believe me
I know where your heading
honestly you’ll thank me later
for these motherly words
on the day of your wedding

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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One thought on “Happy Endings

  1. I really liked this Gayle, it very much appealed to my sense of humour and I think that everyone who hears you recite it (if you choose this one) will find that they can relate to some part of it, however small.

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