Guest Appearance

Hey everyone As Today is the birthday of our national bard & everyone will be celebrating his achievements at Burns Suppers from in town cities & nations all over the world I thought I would share a poem I wrote on Burns Day 2012, & performed it for the first time that very same evening at a multi-cultural Burns night at the African-Caribbean Centre organised by the former SNP MSP Anne McLaughlin.

The poem takes a contemporary look at the Bard & in particular his roving eye & fondness for the lasses. It even goes as far to suggest he may have faced that he may have to face the TV Cameras & it wouldn’t be his poetry ability that would be getting called in to question. I have titled it Guest Appearance I hope you enjoy the read.
Guest Appearance

If the bard were alive today
he would be on the run from the CSA
as girls from Ayrshire to Argyll
demanded their say on Jeremy Kyle

He would face DNA & paternity tests
as headlines screamed poetic pest
or Rampant Rabbie in custody capers
the talk of the parish would be talk of the papers

Well he didn’t do much for women’s rights
though I for one have watched the fight
between Jean Armour & Highland Mary with JK as ref it just might have got scary

He played you like good ones jez would say with a smile
Jean go Ayrshire Mary to Argyll
then he’d turn to the audience & say Rabbie’s a bark
but I think I might take up this poetry lark.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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