Girls Like Me

Hey everyone. A poem about growing up transsexual in the seventies. Written from a personal perspective it shows the girl I knew I was & may explain the woman I’ve become. Its called Girls Like Me I hope you enjoy the read.

Girls Like Me

I wanted the barbie I never got
I loved Donny Osmond and had a stash of skirts
and dresses
which I kept the under my bed
my head was filled with boys
I skipped in secret with friends
but stopped as soon as the folks came in to view
I liked pink and black not green or blue
I tried football but blushed too easily
at the thought of boys in shorts
I bought Jackie every week
kept the centre page spread
in scrapbooks
dressed myself up
when everyone else was out
but never ventured
closets may have been claustrophobic
but they were safer than coming out
and telling the world
in a family with no sisters
just an older brother
who only got A’s in exams
for attitude anger and apathy
no wonder my teens were agony
it was an awkward time to be what we now call trans

@ Gayle Smith 2012


2 thoughts on “Girls Like Me

  1. I identify i had no sisters. I had a twin brother and a younger brother. In my house as a girl i was invisible. I got the jackie and. Donny Ormond Memories . Puppy love. Great poem Gayle. XxX

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