Getting On A Bit

Hey everyone. Thought it was time for a poetry post & since I’m an early fifty something I thought I would write a poem about growing older or as I prefer to called it maturing. Well I believe that no matter what we age are we can all be young at heart.

The poem is called Getting On A Bit & may appeal to girls over 40. Well that’s when your reminding by daughters & nieces & girls in the street that yes the generation gap really does exist. So me being me, I thought I’d take a look at it & see where it landed, so I hope you enjoy reading it

Getting On A Bit

When tweets & facebook messages have replaced the birthday cards
when phones are often smarter than their owners
when you have the latest gadgets but you don’t know how they work
when you don’t campaign & become an armchair moaner
when you hear girls say my mum likes that
when referring to your style
when you watch repeats of top of the pops & cry
when you wonder where the past has gone
you will face your fears & know sometimes its really good to say goodbye

When you think that tartan drainpipes are the latest fashion trend
its time that you stopped in living in your teens
Grease might have been the word back then
but Travolta’s ditched the shades
I hope you may just recognise the theme
you know your getting on a bit
it happens to us all
so what if your no longer centre stage
Its time to be director now
in the movie of your life
but it doesn’t mean you have to act your age

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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