Front Covers

Hey everyone, A poem on growing up and the influence of magazines on our lives. It should be noted however, that this is being viewed through the rose tinted window of time.

Front Covers

Every Wednesday the front cover
tempted us to step in to a world of glamour
as we dared to dream our hero would be centre page spread
another poster for the bedroom wall
where we would practice kissing in secret

This was the place where we would keep much more than just magazines
secrets and dreams in diaries and scrapbooks
memories to recall fondly in later years when tears would be forgotten
or remembered as part of growing up.

Our rooms were places
where imagination was the only passport required
to journey to the edge of sin
where as girls we entered in
to a world of lustful thoughts
though these were not acted upon
until much later

Slade and Sweet though not bad
never quite made it as far I was concerned
I yearned for Donny Mormon or not
though a pragmatic Scot even then
I had David Cassidy as first reserve

Well a girl must be prepared for rejection
I read this in Cathy and Claire
It might not be fair but it does allow you
to move on
and start a new poster collection
of the boy who’ll take his place

It happens eventually though at the time
we don’t believe it ever will
preferring to dream of the day
we will marry the perfect man
we start to plan the perfect celebrity wedding

Then one day we wake up
and somehow It doesn’t seem the same
someone new is on this weeks front cover
we have a new crush or fantasy lover
new scrapbooks to fill new secrets to share
new memories to be cherished

So the boy on the front cover had changed
at first we thought it was strange
then we realised something stayed the same
though the face of 73 had been replaced by someone else
every Wednesday the front covers
still smiled from the newsagents shelves
as it tempted us to step in to a world of glamour
Far away from boredom school and boys with spots

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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