FromShettleston To San Francisco Or When Bad Girls Wanna Dance With Somebody For A Bit Of Night Fever)

Hey everyone. This is a poem for the McGonnigall supper which will be hosted by well known Glasgow performance poet & double Stanza Slam Champion Colin Storrie & his wife Irene. This is 7th year of this annual event which attracts a core group of regulars who appreciate the fact that no matter what else he did this man is revered for making we 21st century poets look good even on our bad days. This fact alone means that William McGonnigall is a man worth remembering.

The idea behind the event to celebrate Scotland’s other national bard was devised in 2006 when a group of us at Tollcross Writers & Bards in the Park discussed the idea of commemorating life of McGonnigall who has often been cited as the world’s worst poet. Well we thought if we can lay claim to the best poet in the world in Rabbie Burns why shouldn’t we be equally proud to lay
claim to the self styled worst poet in the world in the shape of William Topaz McGonnigall so Tollcross Writers decided to do just that & I’ve said we’ve now made it an annual event which is traditionally held in the third Saturday of June.

The format of the event is there are three rounds of poetry. The first two rounds are all about McGonnigall, as the poets who are in the company read an original poem from the works of the great man & also there very own McGonnigall poems which are written in the style of the Tayside Bard.

Come rain hail or shine this event will always attract a crowd though I do hope that we are blessed by good weather as its always a slightly better day when we’re out in garden & the audience which is in our case made up of our friends&fellow poets are throwing peas at us just as they did at the man in whom our event is named
So I present to you the poem which I will be performing at this year’s which will be held in Riddrie this afternoon. The poem is called From Shettleston To San Francisco or When Bad Girls Wanna Dance With Somebody For A Bit Of Night Fever.

From Shettleston To San Francisco ( When Bad Girls Wanna Dance To Somebody For A Bit Of Night Fever)

It is with great regret I have to say
that Donna Summer has passed away
the woman was a queen of disco
from Shettleston to San Francisco

She give us lots of marvellous hits
though the re-mix versions I confess do go on a bit
songs like bad girls and love’s unkind
are still played in certain clubs now
I think you’ll find

The death of Donna Summer at the age of just 63
came just after that of Robin Gee who was a bee gee
He died just a few days before the disco diva
& will always be remembered for the wonderful song night fever

With his white suit & medallion
many people did know
that his sense of style & that of his band was not the way to go
though the music was excellent
& has survived the test of time
White suits & medallions were not a good look
& could actually be reported to the police as a fashion crime

Just a few months before these unfortunate deaths
many music fans were distressed
to hear that Whitney Houston had been asked to dance in that club called the pearly gates
& when you receive your invitation
to take your place in there
I am afraid you are never allowed to be late

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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