Flowery Skirts And Scandals

Hey everyone As a disability diversity trainer I used to deliver joint training sessions to Health Board staff and that much maligned group of people commonly known as Social Workers. It was during one of these sessions that a social worker once told me that the standard image the public had of female social work staff was the flowery skirts and sandals brigade. So bearing this in mind I decided to use that image to write a poem and here it is it’s called Flowery Skirts And Sandals I hope you enjoy the read.

Flowery Skirts And Sandals

You see a lot in the job I do
from runaways to vandals
it’s claimed my working uniform
is flowery skirts and sandals

There’s teenage mothers still at school
the crime rate’s going crazy
there’s family break up’s every day
and guess whose left holding the baby?

We’re overworked and underpaid I can’t take any more grief
and some of the stories we hear each day
well they defy belief

Like the one I heard a week ago
when a woman told me she was ill
she claimed the only possible cure
was four weeks in Brazil

I looked at her dejected face
when I told her there’s millions like you
and I’m afraid you’d miss your day
for signing on the buroo

Yes every day in every way
you’ll get your share of chancers
and one wee shellsuit claimed to be
my knight in shining armour

He said I’ll make you happy doll
I’m gorgeous and I’m funny
and all I really want from life
is loads and loads of money

But I knocked back his fatal charm
and I don’t think he liked what I hinted
I said I couldn’t date a man
who was totally polo minted

Yes this job can be hell on earth
it isn’t milk and honey
you can’t make any promises
when people ask for money

Though it has its entertaining days
and its share of shocks and scandals
but that’s what makes me glad to wear
my flowery skirts and sandals

@ Gayle Smith 2004

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