Feeding Time For East End Birds

Hey everyone. I don’t know why but I seem to be of a bit nature queen today. First of all I recycle all my newspapers and empty diet coke cans in the appropriate bins. Then I did something I haven’t done since my early to mid teens in other words feed the birds. Well for the first time in ages we had left more than half a loaf passed the sell by date and my flatmate has a thing about sell by dates. As I did so, it brought back memories of a childhood in which I learned the value of everything by being taught two family sayings waste not want not, and hunger’s good kitchen.

I think If you grow up in the outskirts of Glasgow such as Cadder Lambhill or Baillieston you have more of an affinity with nature because it really is right on your doorstep. I have called the poem Feeding Time For East End Birds I hope you enjoy the read.

Feeding Time For East End Birds

It doesn’t happen often in this house
we seldom let food go to waste
but noticing that over half a loaf of bread
was passed the sell by date
I ventured to the local park to feed the birds
Yes I know some people will find this absurd
this feeding time for East End Birds
but it’s something I did as a child
pigeons and starlings would fight over scraps of mother’s pride
at Christmas time
a Robin would
sit on our window ledge
demanding to be fed and wouldn’t leave until its appetite was satisfied
this is not Lambhill in the 1970’s
Baillieston birds deserve dignity and equality
not food poverty
based on location
starvation is something I don’t do
I never play hunger
after all they will have flown
a long way to get their meal

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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