Exchanging Plesantries

Hey everyone. This is a poem written for everyone who has had to deal with that difficult relationship. You know the one you had with that annoying relative or irritating former colleague or anyone else you have said you would never see again but circumstances have forced you together just one last time. I’ve given it the title Exchanging Pleasantries I hope you enjoy the read.

Exchanging Pleasantries

It was an awkward hello
a forced smile through gritted teeth
I suppose you could say we were exchanging pleasantries
forced by the situation
and the presence of others
to at least pretend to get on
but there would be no crossing the divide
too much pride was involved even to give it a thought
why ask another how are you
when you don’t really care
if there is nothing to be said
don’t waste words
by attempting conversation
it may be cold but it makes the goodbye much easier
look them in the eye
then walk away happy
you didn’t bother
with a hug or a handshake.

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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