Equal To Anyone

Hey everyone. Three weeks ago, we saw the launch of the campaign for Scottish Independence. A campaign which I believe will ultimately be successful & see our land take its place amongst the global family of nations.

Those supporting Independence include not only First Minister Alex Salmond & Members of the SNP but also leader of the Scottish Green Party Patrick Harvie & former Labour MP & one of my first political heroes Dennis Canavan. The campaign also received endorsements from former Ravenscraig shop steward Tommy Brennan & Show business supporters such as Sir Sean Connery, Brian Cox, Alan Cumming,& Elaine C Smith.

However, Unionists have already dismissed the campaign & front man Alasdair Darling remember him? The guy whose economic incompetence was even worse than Gordon Brown, claimed that Alex Salmond had failed to convince Scots to break from the United Kingdom & that the referendum would be won on economic issues & Scotland would stay as part of the UK as it was in their economic interests to do so. Nice to see Alasdair hasn’t lost his sense of humour.

As a long time supporter of Scottish Independence this dismissive attitude towards our right to national sovereignty should infuriate me, but it doesn’t. I am actually delighted at this breathtaking display of arrogance by our opponents. Why? Because it shows that despite being overwhelmingly massacred at the ballot box in last year’s Scottish Election by a Scottish National Party they had written off as defeated just weeks before they have learned precisely nothing.

This I have to say does not surprise me. The unionists seem incapable of thinking of anything outside their deluded bubble of the Westminster village. Another fact that would worry me if I supported the union would be that those leading their campaign seem to place an unhealthy over reliance on opinion polls. This was certainly the case in last year’s Scottish Elections where with unionist parties believed right up till the very last minute that they would win the election with a distance to spare. This meant they were content to conduct the campaign through the press & media rather than face voters on the doorstep. Now. right from day one of the referendum campaign, we’ve had Alasdair Darling claiming victory on the basis of the result of an opinion poll. Talk about deluded, I mean I have seen some pretty misguided displays of arrogance in my time but this defies both description & belief.

This kind of attitude shows all too clearly that they have not learned the lessons of history & as any student knows those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat its mistakes. It seems to this observer that unionists will once more rely on a sycophantic media such as the Daily Record & the BBC to convey their message for them rather than go out & face the voters themselves. This indicates that they will make the fatal mistake of attempting through to create a climate of fear to mask their own self doubt that the voters will not like their message.

Those of us in the pro Independence camp will be doing the exact opposite. We know from experience that talking to the voters rather than at them has hugely beneficial results. This is especially true if you can keep your message positive rather than drone on&on with negative messages about your opponents. This relentless negativity actually turns people off & there is evidence to suggest that it could actually convert people to the opposition. So the more the unionists talk Scotland down the more support for Independence will increase. However, we will take nothing for granted & work hard for every vote. If we remember those two golden rules we can & will win for our country & our people.

Make no mistake, the road ahead will not be easy. There will be many high’s & low’s for both campaigns between now & the autumn of 2014 when the vote will finally take place. I am confident of victory because I am confident in my people’s ability to make the right decision as to which option will be in the best long term interests of our country’s future. This in my opinion is an economic, cultural,& political no- brainer as the I believe as I always have that the best option for our people is represented by returning to Scotland the full powers of statehood. However for the unionists to strut about & claim victory on the first day of the campaign is ludicrous & highly offensive to the people of this nation. Has no-one told Alasdair Darling that its not how you start its how you finish, If they haven’t I think they had better do it & do it now.

If he needs any evidence of this fact let me point to the race for Scottish Premier League Title & remind him that in the dark days of October Celtic trailed Rangers by 15 points. I would then like to ask him a very important question which is Who were crowned Scottish Premier League Champions in April with more than a month of the season to go? Oh that’s right it was Celtic the team many commentators had written off last October.

Talking of Celtic Connections, I believe that the date of the launch is more significant than many people think. Coincidence or not Alex Salmond launched our campaign for independence on the 25th May. This is the date of what is without doubt Scotland’s greatest ever sporting achievement. For on this date in 45 years ago a team of 11 young Scots were getting ready to play the biggest game of their lives. The game I refer to, is the 1967 European Cup Final when Celtic faced up to the mighty Inter Millan.

Just like the Independence movement, they were also written off & told they couldn’t win. However despite giving their opponents a goal of a start, Celtic kept the faith coming back from a goal down to win 2-1 & take their place in history as Champions of Europe. It was the night when a team who refused to contemplate defeat got their deserved rewards. So can what happened to Celtic in 1967 happen for Scotland in 2014? I think it can & what’s more I think it will. I believe this because as former American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘no-one can make you feel inferior without your consent’. This is consent I refuse to give I have never given in the past & will never give at any time. I say not because I think that I or my country are superior to others but because I believe we are equal to anyone.

Love & Best Wishes
Gayle X

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