Hey everyone. On Remembrance Day a poem to highlight the horrors and futility of war. It was written in 2007 for a session at Glasgow Writers Group when the theme was The War in Rupert’s Ear.

I don’t know why, but for a long time our facilitator Mark Sherland would include a Rupert based theme in every list of themes. This led to some interesting stuff often written on famous Rupert’s such as Rupert The Bear and occasionally Rupert Murdoch or maybe just a man called Rupert. However for this topic coming as it did so close to armistice day. I focused on the war poet Rupert Brook and how the war in his ear affected him. I titled the poem Entrenched. I hope you enjoy what I hope is a thought provoking read.


He heard the fire of bullets
the explosion of bombs and shells
he chronicled his thoughts each day
every time he went through hell
the war in Rupert’s ear raged on
long after conflict ceased
remember Rupert and people like him
for god’s sake give them peace

His diaries show the horrors
his generation faced
sent out to face the cruellest fate
when pride had been misplaced
we’ll stand in silence once a year
remembering him and his kind
but those who play at war are stuck
in the trenches of the mind

@ Gayle Smith 2007

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