Elected To Serve On A Very Creative Commitee

Hey everyone. After the fun of the last week or so it was back to business for the writing community as the Federation of Writers Scotland held our reconvened AGM.

When the business of the meeting had been completed Etta Dunn was re-elect as our executive convener, with Finola Scott & Maryanne Hartness duly elected as national membership secretary & treasurer respectively. The only significant change was that former chairman Marc Sherland has taken over from AC Clarke who stepped down as events co-ordinator.
I think it is important to record a note of thanks to Anne for all the hard work she has undertaken in this role during her period in office.

I remember at the formation of the events team, Anne asked me if I would join & bring my talents to the team. Naturally I jumped at the chance as I had at last found a role in which I could contribute to the Federation, however it was the nature of Anne’s invitation which got me to commit to the team. I know as I continue to serve in this team I will give Marc the same loyalty & support I gave to Anne as we seek to build on our previous successes.

I was also re-elected to the committee of the organisation. This comes as no great surprise to me or anyone else. Well as my father & Uncle Tom always said if people can find willing workhorses to staff the committees then they tend to just let them get on with it. I think I now know exactly what they meant but nonetheless I am happy to be re-elected & once more be given the opportunity to serve.

At the conclusion of the official business of the meeting, we had the traditional open mic to end the AGM. Whilst some poets read two shorter poems, I decided to read one longer one. Inspired by the brilliant Kate Higgins of Burdz Eye View which is in my opinion the best blog in cyberspace my poem of choice was I Was 16 In The Days Before Thatcher. It seemed to go down well with those in attendance & received a few compliments from certain quarters. Well let’s just say there were a few poets who have pro independence sympathies amongst the faithful. Though I have to admit this is hardly surprising as poets & musicians tend to be agents of change & have slightly more radical views than the rest of the population often leading from the front in national liberation struggles.

Examples of this Padraig Pearce & Joe McDonnell Ireland. Victor Jura Chile & Vaclav Havel The Czech Republic. All prominent poets who played leading roles in the fight to improve their nations quality of life. Yes they wanted to improve the lives of all their citizens unlike some others who wish to improve the lives of themselves & of those in every country but their own. This self indulgent attitude is not about democracy its more about ego trips & the vain illusion of power. I think you now know why though a brilliant self publicist George Galloway will never be a poet.

This is something & this will give gorgeous the boak, that he has with other political bleatherweights. These include such fantasists as David call me Dave so that even posh boys can pretend to be cool Cameron. Tony or should I say Tory B -liar,& Gordon you’ll need permission to smile in my country Brown. These people are in my opinion the enemies not just of poets but of writers & artists everywhere. They are to culture what 20 Big Macs a day are to a calorie controlled diet.

As the open mic concluded we dispersed in to the afternoon rain before going our separate ways. After a very busy week many of the crowd made their way home but I made my way to the GoMA for my traditional Thursday night at Glasgow Writers. It a smaller attendance than usual at the group but in an atmosphere of happy contentment I finished the final part of what has been a very busy week. You know, its been an eventful, enjoyable, & action packed few days but the fun has stop sometime & there comes a time when its good to get back to business. After all we have much to do & events to plan for the future. Well we know we’ll have more fun later. Though as for now its good to get back in to our normal routine. I mean after the chaos we have to get back to the business of writing. Well, Its important to remember as poets we will always need time to write. however we have a very creative committee to assist us in making our future events even bigger & better opportunities than ever to showcase the talents of a diverse & growing membership & give Scotland’s writers the chance to have their voices heard. To paraphrase one of my favourite songs this voice is your voice this voice is my voice, writing belongs to you & me.

Love & Best Wishes
Gayle X

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