Edinburgh Bound

Hey everyone. As yet another Edinburgh fringe takes its rightful place in history I’ve written a poem explaining why this unique & magical event will always have a place in my heart. It also gives the reasons why I’ll return every year from now till the end of time just as I have for the last eight years. & by the way, in every one of those eight years I have performed a selection of my poems at the Scottish Poetry Library. Anyway, the poem is called Edinburgh Bound I hope you like it.

Edinburgh Bound

The excitement
the buzz
the thrills
& the smiles
The wonderful feeling
as you walk down the mile
renewing old friendships
you see happy faces
the memories come back
as you reclaim your spaces
Its poetry
its panic
Its laughter
its buckets
& if you’ve got change
then you know
where to chuck it
Its banshee
its Sam’s
Its coffee with friends
Its a whole month of mayhem
you don’t want to end
its culture for all
Its the busy train home
Its the accents
the voices
no matter where from
its the five million leafleters
the costumes the fun
the longest of days
in the long distance run
you can never be bored
no matter the weather
your accosted by luvvies
in need of a blether
its really an audience
for shows that they seek
you get told very nicely
you must come this week
especially Thursday
Its 2 for 1 day
you try to escape
but you can’t get away
we wrote it ourselves
Its value for money
Its blindingly brilliant
and frighteningly funny
a comedy horror with music thrown in
or maybe a drama
but everyone wins
come see it come see it
they give you a flier
you smile but your eyes say
you feel like a liar
as at last you move on
to the latest event
at the end of the evening
your skint but content
yes its been busy
but its never been boring
if you don’t do the fringe
your not worth ignoring
there’s something about it
which makes it unique
Its the weird combination
of genius and freaks
be they punching out poetry
doing Shakespeare in song
or the kind the performance
your mum would call wrong
no matter the act
no matter their talents
you can see them all enter
the theatre of madness
at the end of the month
they’ll be sorrow and parting
a return to the quiet times
to September and calming
as we all leave the scenes
of the parties and crimes
where the slammers and rappers were belting out rhymes
in back streets and basements
to crowds big and small
and you know when next year comes
you’ll answer the call
to return with your poetry
your songs and your stories
you do it for the ride
and never the glory
Its drama
its comedy
its the sights and the sounds
and each August you know
you’ll be Edinburgh bound

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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