Don’t Remind Me

Hey everyone. Here’s a poem for girls everywhere. Well let’s face it we’ve all been there when dimmed lights & vodka goggles have caused us to get to get in to situations that we’d sooner not be reminded of

Don’t Remind Me

Don’t remind me about the time
I spilt a glass of my favourite red wine
over my new expensive Karen Millen Mini
or the fact that it was the same night
I kissed a guy in a see you Jimmy hat
then invited him back to my flat for coffee & maybe more
this was not a good move
as I drunkenly promised to love him forever
fortunately when the morning came
I told him he’d made a mistake
like hell he had it was me who had got it wrong
he didn’t look good in a thong
luckily I never saw him again
don’t remind me of that time when
I molested the stripper on Lucy’s hen night
then took flight when I realised it was Emma’s brother
that could have had consequences
If I hadn’t come to my senses
or rather if you hadn’t dragged me
out the door
well he was good looking
hey I was wearing vokda goggles & ready for pucking
I know my flat’s a shambles
& I don’t recycle as much as I should
but honestly I do try to be good
so it doesn’t work all the time
shock horror I’m not perfect
on your bike I am not a chancer
Ok I borrowed £50 & haven’t paid you back yet
however you forget I am your best friend
I’ve got you out of some scrapes
remember that guy in the superman cape
what about Mr loverman last week at the club
so, you think you’ve heard enough
Is that us quits I think it might be
what do you mean don’t remind me

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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