Do I Look Good In This?

Hey everyone. A poem on the question every woman asks her partner before going somewhere important and to which there is only ever one correct answer Yes. The title is Do I Look Good In This? I hope you enjoy the read.

Do I Look Good In This?

Do I look good in this
It’s not too tight
do you think it’s too short
did I pick the right choice of colour
Do you think it’s my style
should I go and get changed
what do you mean
I’m completely deranged
I just want to look good make an impression
you don’t think it shows
too much leg and thigh the skirt’s not really that high
I don’t think
what do you mean
black and pink don’t match
Ok I’ll change my tights to a normal shade
I’ll admit they might have been a bit too loud
what do you mean the DJ would scream
turn the sound down
will silver do
yes black and silver look good
ta very much
what’s that
I ask too many questions
well pardon me for being a pest
I only want to look my best
for you
so gimme me a kiss
but before you do
tell me
do I look good in this?

@ Gayle Smith 2007


2 thoughts on “Do I Look Good In This?

    • Hey Lisa-Marie They were gorgeous weren’t they? Come to think of it, your Aqua ones also were pretty stunning. I have to say it was a brilliant way to spend a night. I mean what could be better than a night with the girls getting more shoes than Dorothy or Cinderella.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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