Disco Diva

Hey everyone A poem about every woman’s inner teenager and as I get older I often ask where did she go this free spirited girl who loved life and feared nothing. I still see her around in the spirit of today’s young women as for my version of her I think she was found buried under a pile of bills and responsibilities so i’ve called this poem Disco Diva and I hope you enjoy the read.

Disco Diva

Disco Diva
young and free
you shall see her
in every bar or club
strutting her stuff with confidence and style
she flashes her smile
in the direction of those she may like to get to know better
on trend she is a friend a daughter a sister
a potential lover to those she wishes to kiss
this disco diva who rules the dance floor
she is the girl you cannot ignore
she dares you to try
shy yes sometimes she may be
she is young free and might consider offers from suitors she finds attractive
able to hold her attention
she will not settle for contentment
she wants to enjoy her time while she can
jobs mortgage the perfect man
they can wait till tomorrow if it ever comes
for the moment she just wants to be disco diva
dancing queen
the girl who will go clubbing at weekends
but she’ll do it on her terms
there is no other way for now

@ Gayle Smith 2005

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